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Financial Services

Automatic Sweep

To avoid unwanted overdraft charges, an automatic sweep is available. A transfer will automatically be made from your account if the need should arise. This quick and easy service is available at your request.

Cashier's Checks & Personal Money Orders:

Cashier's Checks $2.00
Personal Money Orders $1.00
In place of your personal checks, Cashier's Checks and Personal Money Orders are offered through us.

Direct Deposit

No Charge
The Bank of Mead offers the quick, reliable, convenient, secure way to electronically deposit into your account for immediate use. Don't hesitate to call us and set up your Direct Deposit.

Night Depository

For our customers convenience, our Drive-In Bank, located on 245 North Elm, right off of highway 92, has a night depository available. Your deposits will be made on the next business day.

Stop Payments

We will put a stop pay on checks per your request.

Travel & Gift Cards

We offer re-loadable Travel Money Cards for your safe and easy travel needs. We also offer one time prepaid Gift Cards to make gift giving easy.

Wire Transfer Service

Domestic Wires: $10.00
International Wires: $35.00
If you would like to have money wired to the Bank of Mead, or if you need to wire money to another recipient, the Bank of Mead offers this service. Let us supply your wire needs.

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