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Close up of credit card

Debit Cards

The Bank of Mead provides Debit Cards for your economical and convenient purchasing needs.

Debit Card:

The SHAZAM Debit Card offered from the Bank of Mead appears just like a credit card, but really is a substitute for a personal check. You are able to use the Debit Card and make purchases wherever you see the MASTERCARD logo. The amount of your purchase will be deducted from your checking account. The SHAZAM Debit Card also serves the same functions as an ATM Card. The card can be used locally, throughout the state, and at locations around the world. Our ATM, which can be used without charge with a Bank of Mead SHAZAM Debit Card, is located inside the Country Store, 999 County Road M, Mead NE 68041, right off of Highway 92.

The Bank of Mead also offers Express Savings Account Feature Option along with our Shazam Debit Cards if you choose. When you make a purchase with your Shazam Debit Card, we will round up the purchase amount to the next whole dollar and deposit the difference into your corresponding savings account. Please call us to add this feature to your account.

Shazam also offers the Brella mobile app to allow customers to download to their Apple or Google Play devices. This mobile app allows you to see your debit card’s available balance, receive debit card transaction alerts, temporarily block your card if lost, submit travel notices for upcoming trips, and an ATM locator. Open up the Cardholder User Guide for instructions on how to use the Shazam Brella App.

Shazam Brella Cardholder User Guide 

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