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Protect Yourself From FRAUD AND SCAMS

There are variety of different scams that if you aren’t careful you can fall victim to.

Examples of scams include:

  • Tech support scams -  Scammers remotely log into your computer to “fix” something only to steal personal information
  • Telephone Scams/Grandparent Scams - The caller claims to be from the IRS, Social Security Admin, Police or even a grandchild/child of the victim and demands money to avoid jail time or in need of bail money.
  • Phishing Emails/Lottery Scams – Emails containing links to fake sites that steal your personal information or demand a fee before collecting your lottery winnings.
  • Online Dating Scams – Scammers create fake users on dating sites which match with potential victims to convince them to send large amounts of money because of “true love” scenarios.


  • Call us immediately if you believe you are the victim of a scam.
  • Hang up the phone immediately if you believe the call is a scam.
  • Have your computer regularly scanned for viruses and malware with reputable software.
  • If you have any doubts about the call, hang up and call back the person/business directly to verify its legitimacy.


  • Allow anyone remote access to your computer
  • Click on links in e-mails or use phone numbers inside pop-ups or e-mails.
  • Send gift cards as a form of payment for a “service”.  No legitimate company wants gift cards as payment.
  • Give personal information out to anyone over the phone or e-mail.

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