Convenience Services

Online Banking Services

Online Banking

The Bank of Mead offers online banking so you can access your accounts anytime of the day or week, using your computer. Just click “Enroll” from the Bank of Mead home page at

Online Bill Pay

BANK OF MEAD BILL PAY It's Time To Simplify Your Life. With Bank of Mead BILL PAY you can pay your bills from the convenience of your home. Save time and money. No more buying stamps or trips to the post office. You can even send Special Occasion checks to friends and family. Never buy another birthday card. We can take care of that for you. You must be registered for Internet Banking to take advantage of this service.

Simply enroll through the bill pay link after logging into your online banking account

Click Here for Demo


More Convenient...More Secure...More Timely...Consider replacing your printed account statements with more convenient...more secure...more timely electronic statements. Once enrolled, you will be notified by email when your e-statements are available to view through online banking. E-Statements match our familiar paper statements and you can view, print, or save them.

Mobile Banking Services

Mobile Banking

The Bank of Mead offers mobile banking so you can access your accounts anytime via your mobile phone using text messages. If you have a smart phone, you can access our online banking mobile site and make transfers or loan payments. Sign up through your online banking account, under Mobile Banking, or call the Bank of Mead and we can get you signed up.

Mobile App

The Bank of Mead offers online banking via a mobile app for your Android or Apple devices so you can access your accounts anytime of the day or week, using your device. Your login credentials are the same as your online banking account that you currently have. Once you have enrolled in online banking, download the app and start banking from your smart device today. Customers can view their account history, balances, make transfers and/or loan payments. Use your phone’s QR Scanner and scan the respective bar code to take you directly to our app in your app store.

  Android:   iPhone:  
  Scan this QR Code to download the Bank of Mead's Mobile Banking App from Google Play.   Scan this QR Code to download the Bank of Mead's Mobile Banking App from Apples App Store.  
If you don’t have a scanner on your smart phone you can click the link/button associated with the operating system on your smart phone and download the Bank of Mead’s Mobile Banking App directly to your Smart Phone from either Google Play, or Apple’s App store
  Click to download the Bank of Mead's Mobile Banking App from Google Play. Content will open in a new window.   Click to download the Bank of Mead's Mobile Banking App from Apple’s App Store. Content will open in a new window  

Shazam Bolt$ App

Shazam offers a Shazam Bolt$ mobile app to allow customers to download to their Apple or Android smart device. This mobile app allows you to see your debit card’s available balance as well as receive alerts for suspicious activity on your phone. Open up the Cardholder User Guide for instructions on how to use the Shazam Bolt$ App.

Shazam Bolt$ Cardholder User Guide

Get a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader for your computer so you can read the .pdf files that you download from this website. Content will open in a new window.

Financial Services

Automatic Sweep

Charge for each sweep after three per statement cycle

To avoid unwanted overdraft charges, an automatic sweep is available. A transfer will automatically be made from your account if the need should arise. This quick and easy service is available at your request.

Cashier's Checks & Personal Money Orders:

Cashier's Checks $2.00
Personal Money Orders $1.00

In place of your personal checks, Cashier's Checks and Personal Money Orders are offered through us.

Direct Deposit

No Charge

The Bank of Mead offers the quick, reliable, convenient, secure way to electronically deposit into your account for immediate use. Don't hesitate to call us and set up your Direct Deposit.

Night Depository

For our customers convenience, our Drive-In Bank, located on 245 North Elm, right off of highway 92, has a night depository available. Your deposits will be made on the next business day.

Stop Payments


We will put a stop pay on checks per your request.

Travel & Gift Cards

We offer re=loadable Travel Money Cards for your safe and easy travel needs. We also offer one time prepaid Gift Cards to make gift giving easy.

Wire Transfer Service


If you would like to have money wired to the Bank of Mead, or if you need to wire money to another recipient, the Bank of Mead offers this service. All wires received or outgoing must be completed by 1:00 p.m. Let us supply your wire needs.

Other Services

Fax / Photocopy Services

Fax Service $1.00
Photocopy Service $0.25 per page

Our Fax machine and photocopier are available for your use.

Notary Service

Notary Service for our customers: No Charge;
Notary Service for non-customers: $1.00

Several of our personnel are qualified to provide you notary service.

Safe Deposit Boxes

When it comes to safeguarding your valuables, nothing is more secure, convenient, and accessible than a safe-deposit box with us. We have a variety of sizes available to store your important papers and documents.

Box Size Cost
3 x 5 Box $12.00
4 x 5 Box $14.00
5 x 5 Box $16.00
10 x 5 Box $20.00
11 x 5 Box $22.00