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Our Shazam Debit Cards have built in fraud protection? Our program, Shazam Falcon has built in security measures that help fight the battle of debit card fraud. Having the Shazam Bolt$ Mobile App, will allow you to receive email notifications of unusual activity on your debit card, allowing you to quickly respond if fraud does happen on your debit card. Download the app in your mobile app store, it is free to Bank of Mead customers.

Also, debit cards have security features such as:
1. Internal Card Limits: $700 a day and $200 of that can be at an ATM. Be aware that the $200 limit at an ATM would include any added charge a specific ATM would be adding on, so you may not actually be able to get $200 in cash. if you need these limits raised temporarily, please call us and we can assist you.
2. Country and Merchant Blocks: Some countries and specific merchant types have very high level of fraud and thus are blocked from being able to use your debit card at this time. If you would need to make a purchase at these blocked merchants, call us and we can force the transaction through. Also, if you plan to travel outside the country and use your debit card, please notify us with the areas you plan to travel and the dates to ensure your debit card will work.

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The newest edition of the Bank of Meadís newsletter, Mead Money Matters, is available now. Click on the link above to find the latest edition. Our latest edition contains information on our debit card updates and mobile apps.

April 2014

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